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Interested in my pre-made fetish porn? I try to cover a variety of genres and release new ones twice a week at varying affordable prices.


Check out my stores by clicking on icons here:

                                 Order a Custom Clip!

Solo Videos:

Looking for your very own customized fetish videos? I would be happy to produce content for you!


**Solo rates are only $10/minute, and an additional $50 if you would like me to hire a camera person instead of using a tripod. Camera people allow scenes to be more fluid, instead of set at one angle.


I love being kinky, sexual, or anything else you've fantasized me doing! Simply message me under the contact tab and let's talk about bringing YOUR fantasy to life.

More People Added:


This is where you get to pick the model(s), dictate the action, and produce your very own fetish video!


All you need to do is read this page, follow a few simple directions, and voila! Your tailor-made fantasy comes to life!


**Typically for most non-sexual, standard fetish scenes, the starting price is $20/minute for two people and as location, camera, and sex and complexity are added the prices begin to change!

STEP 1 – Choose your Model

I'm always more than happy to shoot with any one of your choosing, but please keep in mind that not all models may be into what you wish to see them do and that the prices to hire them vary, especially if sexual contact is involved!

**You can see the list of models I am easily available to work with by clicking here.

STEP 2 - Choose the Setting

The more lavish you get here, the more expensive, of course. I have easy access to bedrooms, offices, dungeon-looking rooms, garage sets, and QUIET outdoor action. Or, if you like, we can rent a hotel room. If you have something else in mind, just let me know and we’ll see what we can find!

STEP 2 – Pick your Content.

I love whatever fantasies you come up with! My favorites include ABDL, spanking, and darker scenarios such as being chloroformed, extremely masochistic scenes, held at gunpoint, knifepoint, drugged drink, blackmail, on-screen bondage, bonking over the head and much more!


I can be put in rope-bondage, saran-wrap, duct tape, leather cuffs/restraints, hand cuffs and more!


Once I'm restrained I can be subjected to fondling, tickling, spanking, riding crops, floggers, single-tail whips, knife-play, hot wax, violet-wands, oral or vaginal sex…

STEP 3 – Special Requests.

Do you absolutely need me to be in a specific costume? Do you need  me to have a particular prop? It’s your video! Make the request, but understand that the stranger or more difficult the request, the more it may cost.


Just ask, and if I have it, it’s yours. Of course, if I have to go get one, or if it will be damaged/destroyed as part of your movie, you have to pay for it.

STEP 4 – Contact Me!

Send me a message via the contact box or email, with the above information in it (How many models, how long you wish the clip to be, a short summary of what you'd like to see, if there is sex involved, and if there is a desire for cameraperson). I will send you an estimate for your project. If you approve, you can send me payment via my email Please do not include any note about  the video if prompted on their site.


When I receive payment in full, I will book your video. I will let you know the date of the shoot and the projected date it will be completed and sent to you, and keep you informed if a model postpones or anything else happens. As an added bonus, if you like, I will email you a few raw unedited photos the night of the shoot, just to show how well it went.

What you get:

You will receive the first copy of the finished project and copies of all promotional photos. I’ll upload all files to a hidden folder and give you and only you the link.

What I get:

I keep ALL rights to the material. You may NOT post the video anywhere for any reason. I will upload moments from the film to my clip studios for my personal redistribution.


I can't wait to get started!

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