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Cupcake SinClair is a lifestyle and professional submissive at Sanctuary LAX who has participated in performance bottoming for fetish oriented parties, such as the monthly Club Anarchy Parties hosted by Sanctuary, DomCon LA 2015, and Threshold's Kinky Valentine party. Whether it is heavy impact, an intense rope scene, role play, or service and high protocol oriented submission, she enjoys a wide variety of play that pushes and explores her limits, and particularly enjoys participating in community events to better learn about the diverse lifestyle she plays within.




Looking for your very own customized fetish videos? I would be happy to produce content for you! Solo rates are only $10/minute and I love wearing diapers, being kinky, or anything else you've fantasized me doing!! Simply message me under the contact tab and let's bring YOUR fantasy to life! I also shoot with a variety of M & F models for a variety of genres, so if you'd like to see me with others for a slightly higher charge, this can be done as well!



Cupcake SinClair is a performing fetish artist of 4+ years,  primarily gracing the dungeons and underground nightclubs of Los Angeles with her quirky humor, her intriguing dance style, and primarily - her penchant for pain.

Dubbed "The Princess of Pain", Cupcake has performed as a featured artist for countless parties, conventions, nightclubs, dungeons, and events. With over four years of experience, Cupcake consistently pushes the limit of the human body, thrilling audiences as she forces them to question their notions of just how fragile the body truly is with her unique mix of eroticism, BDSM, and thematic performances.


From safe for work  shows that can include burlesque, magic, and mild BDSM to freaky fetish nights of hook suspensions, extreme impact, extreme piercing and more, Cupcake customizes each performance for that particular audience, creating a show that will leave guests talking for months.



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Cupcake SinClair has been studying, participating, and teaching in the BDSM lifestyle for six years, and has been in the adult industry for four years in various roles. During this overall time, Cupcake has taught classes within the BDSM community about ageplay and submission, and within the Center for Positive Sexuality also helps to speak and educate about polyamory, ageplay, sexwork, BDSM, and the gender spectrum.

As a polyamorous, asexual submissive woman of color, Cupcake feels that this lends an unique perspective to her ability to educate and discuss different topics.

Cupcake is an educator with the Center for Positive Sexuality, however is also available for panels and individual discussions on the above mentioned topics depending on the atmosphere the facilitator wishes to create.

Contributions of Interest:

- Polyamory Article (page64)

- Vice Article on BDSM

- Better Bondage for Every Body by Evie Vane

- Domcon Los Angeles 2018 Guest of Honor

-  Domcon 2018 Pet Show Guest Judge

'My dear, you must often be frightened,'

Said a friend to Madame de Sade.

'Oh not exactly frightened,

but just a little bit scarred.'


~ "The Magus"

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