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"The Sideshow Sub"

Cupcake SinClair is a performing fetish artist of 4+ years,  primarily gracing the dungeons and underground nightclubs of Los Angeles with her quirky humor, her intriguing dance style, and primarily - her penchant for pain.

Dubbed "The Princess of Pain", Cupcake has performed as a featured artist for countless parties, conventions, nightclubs, dungeons, and events. With over four years of experience, Cupcake consistently pushes the limit of the human body, thrilling audiences as she forces them to question their notions of just how fragile the body truly is with her unique mix of eroticism, BDSM, and thematic performances.


From safe for general audience  shows that can include burlesque, magic, and mild BDSM to freaky fetish nights of hook suspensions, extreme impact, extreme piercing and more, Cupcake customizes each performance for that particular audience, creating a show that will leave guests talking for months.

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